What happens on the market of renovations in Paris and its region

  • By mailiks
  • On 2012-08-23 23:36:58

I am an economist, and after several years of reflection, the definition of the market that I adopted is as follows: the assembly of supply and demand on a single virtual place, if the participants on both sides are quite many. I emphasize the word many, because in the absence of a large number it is not a market but a monopoly, or limit an oligopoly.
The topics I intend to deal in this article:
- Seasonal variations in the market for renovation
- The auto-entrepreneurs and their positive impact on the market
- The renovation market and the labor market
- The trust and brand image in the minds of the workers of the sector
I invite my readers to leave comments from now, this will steer and motivate me in my analysis.

market renovation paris economics analysis

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